By offering insights only possible through our deep domain expertise, our federal agency customers get the full picture for the most informed decisions.

To stay impactful, agencies must adapt to the current health landscape. Our knowledge with CMS in home health, hospice, payments, data management, security, Medicare policy and the latest federal health IT initiatives gives us the tools to mine the hidden meanings within data.

We’ve earned our reputation as the most knowledgeable organization in the Medicare program and can translate that experience to help others in the federal space.

Our accomplishments include:

  • Recovering over $52 million in fraud work via expert witness testimonies
  • Providing 1:1 provider education on regulatory changes
  • Supporting CMS’ responses to the provider community and congressional inquiries with meaningful, relevant information

How we get the job done

Advisory consulting

Our thought leaders bring a balanced approach to addressing clients’ pain points through a full understanding of current legislation and regulations. We then analyze their potential impact to beneficiaries so customers can make informed decisions.

Analyzing quality management

Data is only useful if it is expertly analyzed. We have long-standing partnerships with clinicians and data scientists to build solutions that obtain meaningful data by tracking provider behavior and measuring their performance. Additionally, our extensive background in collecting input from beneficiaries has given us exceptional data on capturing experiences with health providers. This information can be used to improve provider clinical practices and ultimately deliver a higher quality of care.

Advising on payment reform

There is momentum to create more efficient payment systems for providers. We work directly with CMS and the provider community to establish baselines and provide a quick, transparent flow of communication. Notably, we’ve advised on how reimbursement codes should be paid, worked with providers to identify their data needs and powered the success of alternative payment methodologies.

Providing federal health program expertise

CMS relies on us to ensure the delivery, regulation and security of all aspects of the benefit administration adhere to protocol. This work moves the nation toward a healthier population while simultaneously protecting billions of federal health care system dollars.

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