National Government Services performs all aspects of our federal financial work with rigor and accuracy.

To assist agencies with cost-effective financial management solutions, National Government Services brings a high degree of expertise in making complex payments and managing multi-billion dollar funds on multiple platforms. Using a combination of industry-leading cost accounting systems and decades of technical proficiency, we are a reliable financial partner supporting large-scale health programs.

Our efforts center on assisting the federal government with streamlining workflows and providing the highest level of accuracy in managing health program dollars.

Our accomplishments include:

  • Routinely making payments in excess of $1 billion a month
  • Consistently meeting 99.9 percent timeliness and accuracy performance standards
  • Providing tactical solutions to mitigate provider fraud, waste and abuse
  • Disbursing up to 15,000 checks per month

How we get the job done

Trust fund management

National Government Services protects and manages federal health dollars with the highest degree of integrity and accountability. By using industry-leading ledger systems for appropriate balancing procedures, we expertly oversee billions of dollars.

Secure payments

By using safeguards and controls, we eliminate risk and prevent disruptions to the payment cycle. Our systems are benchmarked and tested to perform at optimal capacity, giving our customers complete peace of mind. Notably, we have worked directly with the U.S. Treasury Department to collect federal debt.

A/P functions

Our financial experts develop and manage comprehensive accounts payable systems. After learning individual customer’s in-depth operational requirements, our team creates and implements a customized strategy to support each project’s financial operations.

Our capabilities include making accurate payments for the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) initiative and holding a point of presence on CMSnet.

Payment systems

Complying with current protocols, our systems accept payments through all major transaction channels: checks, direct debit, credit cards and electronic billing. For added ease, we use an integrated accounting system that offers double-entry accounting, segregation of duties and audit trails.

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