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National Government Services’ Data Center earns Uptime Institute’s Tier III certification

February 27, 2018


INDIANAPOLIS, IN - National Government Services announced today that the company has been recognized as a leader among federal health contractors and U.S. data centers by recently earning Tier III Concurrently Maintainable Certification of Design Documents from Uptime Institute. A Tier III data center requires no shutdowns for equipment replacement and maintenance; redundant delivery paths for power and cooling exist, and every component needed to support the IT processing environment can be shut down without impact to the data center operation.

In addition to this latest achievement, the company's 30,000 square foot data center in Shelbyville, Ky., also received ENERGY STAR certification last summer. “We were already in an elite class of 34 companies and 70 data centers following our 2017 ENERGY STAR certification,” said National Government Services’ President Fran Gary. "Our Uptime Tier III status further exemplifies National Government Services’ leadership within the industry, which means our federal health partners can be confident that access to their most critical health data won’t be compromised."

The Uptime Tier III certification is secured only after rigorous review and testing by the Uptime Institute. For the past 20 years, the Uptime Institute has certified data centers using its Tier Classification System, and has become the global standard for third-party validation of critical data center infrastructure. The tiers are progressive; any data center rated at a higher level has met all the requirements of lower levels (Tiers I and II).

"National Government Services has been a trusted federal health partner for as long as 'federal health' has existed – since the inception of Medicare," noted Frank Lasota, National Government Services’ Chief Information Officer. "We have maintained that status for half a century because we constantly improve our solutions and help customers address their challenges. Securing Tier III independent certification reflects our ongoing commitment to excellence."

About National Government Services, Inc.
For more than 50 years, National Government Services has been a trusted partner and innovative leader in federal health care contracting. Employing approximately 1,700 associates, National Government Services is committed to providing robust health information technology and administrative services. As a Medicare contractor for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), National Government Services processes more than 225 million Medicare claims and administers benefits of approximately $79 billion from the Medicare Trust Fund annually. . Additional information about National Government Services is available at www.ngsservices.com.

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