Improved Outcomes Driven by Collaboration and Analytics

From early strategy development to final delivery, we are committed to collaborating with our communities to capture statistics and analytics to build better solutions. With the right mix of technology, best practices, and insights captured from a diverse range of contributors, we drive better decision-making and give our healthcare consumers and stakeholders more transparency.

  • Informed Providers
  • Optimize Claims Administration
  • Improving Health Outcomes

A Better Beneficiary Experience

Informed Providers
Optimize Claims Administration
Improve Health Outcomes

The comprehensive enrollment, education, and regulation updates that we deliver to providers enable them to navigate an ever-changing federal health space and provide a better beneficiary experience. This means smoother operations, time saved, errors prevented, and better patient outcomes for our customers. Our provider outreach and education includes:

  • Webinars - Public Health Topics and Regulatory Changes
  • Q&A’s Tailored to the Specific Needs of Providers
  • Gamification Strategies to Promote Interactive Education
  • Call Center Staffed by Seasoned Federal Health Experts
Informed Providers

As a modernization partner to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, we transitioned 98.9% of providers from paper to electronic claims.

  • Over 228 Million Claims Processed Annually
  • Serving Over 450,000 Part A and Part B providers
  • Serving Over 27 Million People with Medicare
Optimzied Claims

In support of the dozens of federal programs we manage, we integrate complex systems and processes to deliver the services and tools that providers and beneficiaries need from the health program.

  • Self-Service Web Portals
  • Accurate Data
  • Quick Access to Information
  • First-Time Resolution to Inquiries
Provider Experience
Industry Fact

“About two-thirds of Medicare beneficiaries indicate they use the Internet daily or almost daily (65%).”
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